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Broadway Palm’s ‘Chicago’ is everything you’d expect – and much, much more


"Although his character was the biggest loser (if you don’t count Hunyak and all the hapless men who the prison molls poisoned, stabbed or gunned down), Brian Kalinowski in the role of Amos Hart is clearly the audience favorite. Perhaps because it’s so unexpected, his solo rendition of “Mr. Cellophane” is a stand-out, twanging the audience’s heartstrings like a $16 million vintage Stradivarius violin."

BWW Review: CHICAGO Razzle Dazzles The Audience at Broadway Palm!


"Brian Kalinowski and Daniel A. Lopez, who played Amos Hart and Billy Flynn, respectively, were also very, very good. Kalinowski was great at showcasing Amos's hesitation and excitement throughout the show, and the audience most definitely felt for his character. Lopez was excellent at portraying the very smart, money-hungry Billy Flynn. Both men were excellent singers and actors, and I enjoyed their performances very much."

Rouge your knees and roll your stockings down and see ‘Chicago’


"And Brian Kalinowski’s rendition of “Mr. Cellophane,” about his invisibility in life, is full of pathos worthy of Bert Williams, upon whom his character’s based."

Center Stage: ‘Chicago’ at Broadway Palm is ‘razzle, dazzle production’


"The ambience of "Chicago" was, is and will always be, sexy, decadent and somewhat superfluous throughout, filled with characters from the sleazy side of town and folks not always easy to like, except for Roxie's patsy of a husband Amos, impressively played by Brian Kalinowski. Kalinowski totally won the audience's heart with his self- disparaging version of "Mr. Cellophane.""

"Honey, could you please grab me a Chopin Vodka on the rocks?" -Kathleen Turner


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